Welcome! I am a candidate in Congressional District 6, and The Future Should Be Ours!

“A congressman should represent his constituents, stand for his principles, and maintain a good sense of civility and humor to the best of his ability.”


W. John Williamson
I’m W. John Williamson. I graduated from Saguaro High School in Scottsdale, AZ in 1969. Scottsdale has been my home town since 1965. I graduated from ASU with my B.A. in English and have a master’s degree from West Virginia University in Comparative Literature. I’ve been a public high school teacher since 1995. I taught Latin for 3 years, then English for the rest and served as Unit Chair for six years for the Classroom Teachers’ Association at Carl Hayden High School in the Phoenix Union High School District. I am also the Chair of the Scottsdale Democratic Luncheon Club. I have the highest class ham radio license–the Amateur Extra Class. My call sign is K7CG, and I was first licensed in 1967. I have a daughter and a stepson.

My platform positions on the issues are:

   1. I propose that, under the auspices of the Arizona Board of Regents,  a Cyberdefense Institute be established as part of Arizona State University where professors, students, and industry professionals would study and develop state-of-the-art techniques to cope with and thwart cyberattacks that threaten to disrupt our nation’s computer-based government and business activities. I propose that the Cyberdefense Institute be based at SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center–“A place where the future is invented.” (from City of Scottsdale website.) SkySong is located at the corner of Scottsdale and McDowell Roads in the McDowell Corridor.

2. I support humanitarian aid to Central American countries and to Mexico to help them solve social problems faced by their societies so as to diminish the overflow of immigrants from their countries to the United States. In the meanwhile, I support providing asylum to those minors who qualify for refugee status. Some of them, after all, have come from San Pedro Sula, “a city in northwestern Honduras that has the world’s highest homicide rate, according to United Nations figures.” (“Fleeing Gangs, Children Head to U.S. Border,” Frances Robles, New York Times, July 9, 2014, www.nytimes.com). They should be allowed to enroll in our public schools, as has already occurred in the Phoenix Union High School District. (“Migrant kids’ 2,500-mile trek leads to Arizona schools,” Daniel Gonzalez, Sept. 2, 2014, Arizona Republic, www.azcentral.com). This is the moral and the American thing to do.

   3. I support the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act as well as expanding Medicaid for childless adults in our own state.

   4. I support balancing the budget by not only spending cuts, but also by a slight tax increase to pay down the debt. The slight tax increase would be called the DOLLARS TO DOWNSIZE THE DEBT program. Those with incomes of less than $250,000 per year would pay an extra dollar in taxes per year. Those making $250,000 or more would pay an additional $2 per year.

   5. I support public education for a strong economy and a strong defense. 


“John Williamson is a dedicated Democrat, a long-time Arizona resident, who supports fair-minded immigration policies, public education for a strong economy and a strong defense, and the Affordable Care Act. As Chair of the Scottsdale Democratic Luncheon Club, he has promoted political dialog with civility. As a thoughtful listener and able advocate, he will serve Congressional District 6 in Washington with commitment and levelheadedness.”

Dennis DeConcini
United States Senator, Retired

“John Williamson is supportive of the Affordable Care Act because it benefits young adults, those with pre-existing conditions and those who otherwise would not qualify for health insurance. His experience as a teacher in the public schools shows his commitment to public education as a mainstay of American society. As a graduate of Saguaro High School in Scottsdale and of ASU, John is a leader who listens, works hard, and will represent the best interests of Congressional District 6 in Washington.”

Lela Alston
State Representative, LD 24

Also endorsed by:
Arizona Democratic Veterans and Military Families Caucus
DEBBIE MCCUNE DAVIS, State Representative, LD 30

                           Supporter Maryanne Williamson with campaign sign.