The Future Can Be Ours: Adoption Day is Today for Nuclear Treaty with Iran




“The Future Can Be Ours.”


Dear Friend,

Desmond Tutu, former Archbishop in the Anglican Church in South Africa and
1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner, once said: “If you want peace, you don’t
talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.”( I
agree with this quote, especially when it comes to the Nuclear Treaty with

Today, October 18, is Adoption Day for the Nuclear Treaty with Iran. Today
“Iran will start to remove thousands of centrifuges and put them into
storage. It will also make other ‘major changes’ to its core nuclear
infrastructure. Additionally, Tehran will put transparency measures in
place at its uranium mills.” (“Iran Nuclear Deal Withstands Final Vote in
Congress,” Voice of America, Sept. 17, 2015,

David Schweikert, current congressman for District 6, opposed the treaty.

In the world today, it is critical that countries talk to each other and
not become estranged. I see it as like a high school classroom. A teacher
can adopt a policy that “kicks out” any student who misbehaves. Or he can
choose to use methods of interacting with students that make them want to
stay in class and behave.

The idea is that a student who is not in class cannot learn. If a student
does not learn what he or she needs to know to function successfully in
society, society will pay the price sooner or later. Not only that, if a
student cannot be kept in the classroom, that student may drop out of
school, join a gang, or become involved in criminal activity in order to
survive. The cost to society of dealing with this is great, not only
financially to support a convicted person’s stay in jail, but law
enforcement costs as well.

So also with Iran. If we say “My way or the highway” to Iran, Iran may
turn from talking to us to talking with Russia. The last thing we want is
for Putin to have more influence in Iran than Obama or other American
president. We cannot afford NOT to engage with Iran with a treaty, such as
the one, as of today, now in effect that has about as many safeguards as
it can have in today’s world. The treaty is not based on trust, but on the
need for truthful verification of what Iran does or does not have as far
as nuclear resources are concerned.

Says three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Thomas L.
Friedman: “This deal sharply reduces Iran’s bomb-making uranium stockpile
for 15 years, and pushes Iran’s ability to break out with a nuclear weapon
from three months — where it is now — to a year. I’d be very confident
that if I can keep Iran one year away from a bomb for 15 years, during
that time Israel’s defense technologists will develop many more ways to
detect and eliminate any kind of Iranian breakout.”(“If I Were an Israeli
Looking at the Iran Deal,” Aug. 12, 2015, New York Times,

Friedman, in imagining what he would do if he were prime minister of
Israel, also says: “To deal with the Iran threat I would not, as Israel’s
leader, be pressuring U.S. Jews to go against their own government to try
to scuttle the deal — WHEN I HAVE NO CREDIBLE ALTERNATIVE (capital letters
added by me).” (Ibid.)

In the same way that David Schweikert opposed The Affordable Care Act
without offering a credible alternative, so he was against the Nuclear
Treaty with Iran without offering any Plan B as well.

In the same way that I have always supported Obamacare, a successful
health insurance plan for more than 7 million Americans, and growing, so
also I have always favored the Nuclear Treaty with Iran. The Nuclear
Treaty ENGAGES the United States and other signatory nations with Iran so
that we can keep track of what is going on there with their nuclear
resources. Without the Treaty, as Friedman–who spent all three summers of
high school on a kibbutz–points out, THERE WOULD BE NOTHING.
( Iran, without the treaty, would, like a student
kicked out of the classroom, be at risk for becoming an outlaw from
civilized society and a liability to the security of the community–in
this case, the international community.

When elected your next congressman in District 6 on Nov. 1, 2016, I will
continue to support the Nuclear Treaty with Iran and other measures that
seek to engage our country with other nations in an interactive manner.
Only by talking to our enemies, as Desmond Tutu said, can we hope to
achieve meaningful agreements with them to secure peace for the sake of
ourselves and our children. If you would like to contribute financially to
my campaign, visit my website at and click
on “Make a Donation.” You may use PayPal for a credit or debit card, or
you may mail check to the address of my campaign committee there listed.
Take time to support your Democratic candidate who stands for the
principles you yourself hold dear. I want to thank enthusiastically the
supporter who, within the past week, gave me a check for $50. An amount
like that is incredibly helpful and greatly appreciated.

THE FUTURE CAN BE OURS if we adopt such accords as the one that goes into
effect today: the Nuclear Treaty with Iran. To survive in the global
community today, we must engage constructively even with those with whom
we may sharply disagree, in the same way that teachers in today’s world
must find ways to engage students in the classroom to make them want to
stay there so that they can give themselves a chance to achieve their

Thank you for your time, and please feel free to respond to this e-mail.


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

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