THE FUTURE CAN BE OURS: Preschool Must Be Accessible To All






Dear Friend,

Should every preschool age child have the right to access a quality
preschool education?

To me that’s like asking whether every citizen who is 18 or over has the
right to vote.

Each child SHOULD have the opportunity to go to a quality preschool. But
in practice, that is not always the case.

Kristina Lynch explains: “Since I’m a working mother, my child needs a
full-day program. Those aren’t easy to find, and wherever she goes, it’s
going to be expensive. Even the Chicago Public School full-day preschool
is similar to private institutions, with its $13,000 per school year price
tag… and limited openings…” (“Without Financial Aid, A Preschool Is
Out of Reach,” by Kristina Lynch, New York Times, April 13, 2015).

There are a variety of reasons why parents want their kids in preschool.
It can give them an academic boost as they approach kindergarten age. This
can make them more competitive and successful in elementary and secondary
school. Then they can get into better colleges and get better jobs in the
long run.

My mom, along with another lady, had a preschool in the lower level of our
house when our family lived in New York State. As a kid, my job was to
clean the area at the end of the day.

Margaux Laskey asks: “Is it worth it to take a personal day from work to
wait in line for 24 hours for a year of free quality preschool education
for my daughter? … Practically speaking, the numbers speak for
themselves: The school we’re trying to get her into is probably worth
$25,000 a year, a fair estimate considering the cost of equivalent
programs in Jersey City. … The school is free as part of New Jersey’s
universal prekindergarten program.” (Waiting on Line for Free Preschool,”
by Margaux Laskey, New York Times, May 1, 2015).

If a single mother who works full-time has a preschool age child, she
should not have to move Heaven and earth to get her child into a
preschool, whether that be as part of the Headstart program or any other
provider. It is unacceptable that she should have to wait several months
until a space becomes available for her child.

When elected your congressman in November 2016, I will continue to
advocate for accessible preschools for children from all income levels. I
will speak up for adequate funding for the federal Headstart program. To
ignore our preschool age children is to forget that the future is theirs,
and we must equip them to take charge of it in an effective fashion.

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Thank you for your time, and remember, THE FUTURE CAN BE OURS.


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

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