THE FUTURE SHALL BE OURS: Onwards and Upwards!




“The Future Shall Be Ours.”


Dear Friend,

Yesterday I turned in my nomination petitions at the Secretary of State’s
office. I have 1937 signatures, which should qualify me for the ballot.

I had a very busy year as a public high school English teacher. I taught
mainly 11th grade English, but also was the instructor for one
ELL–English Language Learners–class teaching those students to write
academic English. They were freshmen and sophomores whose native language
is Spanish.

My duties as the Unit Chair at Carl Hayden High School for CTA–the
Classroom Teachers Association–kept me occupied as well. The relatively
new evaluation system resulting from the Legislature’s new rules a few
years ago keeps teachers quite anxious, I believe, about their status and
progress. Like probably all other areas of our society, there’s a lot of
stress in the educational workplace. As the head of the teachers’ union at
my school, I see the effects of that up close; we in the teachers
association seek to assist our members–and often those who are
not–resolve their labor issues and obtain fair and humane treatment.

Further, I completed a two-semester First Year Arabic course at Mesa
Community College, getting an A in both semesters. I’m going to take
Second Year Arabic starting in the Fall. It’s a fascinating language
germane to the contemporary world. 242 million people speak Arabic and, as
I like to say, I’m number 242,000,001.

I really appreciate the supporter who made the monthly recurring donation
several months back. That definitely is the “gift that keeps on giving,”
and it has helped to sustain my website of which this webmail is a part.
Senator DeConcini’s $1,000 contribution has been a boon, too, and one for
which I’m very thankful. Donations of any variety–humble or lofty–help
so much and are deeply appreciated.

For those who would like to donate financially to my campaign, please
check out my website at and click on “Make
a Donation.” You can donate using your credit or debit card. My website
uses safe and secure PayPal. Or, if you wish, you may send a check to my
campaign address listed on that same page. If you would like to volunteer,
please let me know. Our campaign phone number is 480-607-9726. Bolster my
Democratic candidacy with your effort and good will. Strive on behalf of
Truth, Justice and Reason and feel good about it.

Thank you for your support and, remember, the Future, if we work together,
shall be ours.


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

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