THE FUTURE SHALL BE OURS: Trump Has Witch-hunt Approach to Politics




“The Future Shall Be Ours.”


Dear Friend,

Referring to Donald Trump’s ad hominem attacks on federal Judge Gonzalo
Curiel’s Mexican heritage, Lindsey Graham, the renowned Republican U.S.
Senator from South Carolina, stated: “This is the most un-American thing
from a politician since Joe McCarthy,” … “If anybody was looking for an
off-ramp, this is probably it,” he added. “There’ll come a time when the
love of country will trump hatred of Hillary.” (“Democrats Jump On Allies
of Donald Trump in Judge Dispute,” by Patrick Healy, Maggie Haberman, and
Jonathan Martin, NEW YORK TIMES, June 6, 2016.)

Judge Curiel, an American, was born in Indiana and graduated from Indiana
University’s law school.

Moreover, Senator Graham, “another former primary rival of Mr. Trump’s,
urged Republicans who have backed Mr. Trump to rescind their endorsements,
citing the remarks about Judge Curiel and Mr. Trump’s expression of doubt
on Sunday that a Muslim judge could remain neutral in the same lawsuit,
given Mr. Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim noncitizens entering the country.
(same source as above.)

As a public high school English teacher, I have taught Arthur Miller’s
celebrated play THE CRUCIBLE for many years. It is based on the Salem,
Massachusetts witch-hunt that occurred in 1692. In that play, people who
were different, or on the wrong side of the town’s authorities, were
accused of being witches. Nineteen of them were hanged before enough
townspeople publicly doubted the authority of the court headed by Judge
Danforth. 80 years later, the governor of Massachusetts apologized for
what had happened and said that a mistake had been made.

The genesis of Arthur Miller’s play was, of course, the Red Scare in the
early 1950’s in which Senator Joseph McCarthy, alluded to by Senator
Graham above, accused various people of being Communists, although it was
found that his accusations were baseless.

Now Donald Trump is saying that Judge Curiel can’t be objective because he
has a Mexican heritage, and that if a judge were Muslim, that judge
couldn’t be objective, either, merely because of their ethnicity. That’s
racist and should be condemned by all Americans who respect and believe in
the rule of law.

Says the NEW YORK TIMES editorial for today, June 7, 2016: “The gravity of
this matter has clearly eluded Donald Trump, who has cast aside the
Constitution and decades of jurisprudence by suggesting both ethnic and
religious litmus tests for federal judges. These pronouncements illustrate
that Mr. Trump holds the rule of law in contempt. (“The Judicial System
According to Donald Trump,” NEW YORK TIMES Editorial, June 7, 2016.)

Where do the Republican candidates for Congress in District 6–David
Schweikert and Russ Wittenberg–stand on this issue? Do they support
Donald Trump’s racist statements about Judge Curiel?

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THE FUTURE SHALL BE OURS if we advocate, as I do now and shall do as your
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Thank you for your time.


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

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