THE FUTURE SHALL BE OURS: My Proposal for Police Education and Training




“The Future Shall Be Ours.”


Dear Friend,

Although I know that it is not just the police but also other sectors of
our society that need education and training to help them to put their
best professional or civic foot forward, I focus in this posting on my
proposal for police education and training.

My proposal calls for a four-tiered program for interventionist training
to give police officers whatever training they need to conduct traffic
stops safely, facilitate peaceful protests by citizens, deescalate
confrontations with mentally ill persons, and redirect those distracted by
anger into activities that provide a constructive outlet to seek and
secure a solution to some real or perceived injustice.

My proposed training program would have four levels of achievement or
certification: Interventionist I, Interventionist II, Interventionist III,
and Master Interventionist.

For each level, the police officer would receive an incentive of a $2,000
increase to his or her annual salary, except for Master Interventionist
for which the officer would receive an increase in yearly salary of

These days a police officer needs also to be a social worker in addition
to being skilled in the use of firearms.

When elected your congressman, I will introduce a bill called APETA: The
American Police Education and Training Act. Federal dollars will fund the
program above so that police officers can obtain the training they need to
protect others, themselves and the community.

If you would like to support my campaign financially, you may go to my
website at and click on “Make a Donation.”
Follow the directions on the Donations Page to make your contribution.

By sponsoring a bill to create APETA, I will help to bring about a Future
that Shall Be Ours, in that it will promote public safety as it helps to
protect both the lives of police officers and citizens of whatever racial

Thank you for your time.


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

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