THE FUTURE SHALL BE OURS: Clock Ticking on Global Warming




“The Future Shall Be Ours.”


Dear Friend,

Listening to NPR yesterday, I heard a news story about how this past July
was the hottest month on our planet since record-keeping started in 1880
and that the polar ice is melting faster than ever.

I wholeheartedly applaud the great work that the Obama Administration did
in its efforts at the Paris Climate Talks that ended this past December
with an authentic agreement to fight global warming. “WASHINGTON — When
negotiators from nearly 200 countries gathered outside Paris in December
for the United Nations summit meeting on climate change, they reached the
first agreement to take action on curbing their planet-warming pollution.”
(“A Sequel to the Paris Climate Accord Takes Shape in Vienna,” by Coral
Davenport, New York Times, July 23, 2016,

Further: “While the Paris agreement aims to reduce the use of coal and
oil, which produce the carbon dioxide emissions that are the chief cause
of global warming, negotiators in Vienna pushed ahead on a deal to ban the
use of hydrofluorocarbons, chemicals used in air-conditioners and
refrigerators. Although they contribute only a small percentage of the
world’s greenhouse gases, these chemicals, known as HFCs, can trap heat in
the atmosphere at levels a thousand times higher than carbon dioxide can,
according to published scientific studies.” (Ibid.)

This is what CD6 Republican incumbent David Schweikert has said about
global warming: “Schweikert has argued that the idea of man-made global
warming may be ‘folklore.’

“’Understanding what part of climate change is part of a natural cycle and
what part has human components is the first step,’ he said as a candidate
in 2008. ‘Our elected officials must be careful to react to facts and not
folklore.’” (“House Republicans Pick Climate Skeptic To Head Environment
Subcommittee,” by Kate Sheppard, Huffington Post, 1/16/14, updated

If elected your congressman on Nov. 8th, I will support the implementation
of the Paris agreement in every way. There is no time to lose in this
effort. So far this year, the temperature of the earth, according to the
NPR news story I heard yesterday, has risen 1 1/2 degrees fahrenheit. This
cannot be taken lightly.

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THE FUTURE SHALL BE OURS if we take global warming seriously and support
the Paris agreement reached in December of last year. That is what I will
do as your congressman for the sake of our children and the generations
who will come after. If we don’t manage our emissions properly, the earth
will no longer be hospitable to the human race, and we will not be able to
live here.

Thank you for your time.


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

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