THE FUTURE SHALL BE OURS: Homeless Man Builds Shelter Next To My Campaign Sign






Dear Friend,

A homeless man has built a makeshift bench that he sits on contiguous to
one of my campaign signs.

“Friend, in Congressional District 6, in 2013 (data released in April
2015), the Overall Food Insecurity rate was 16.5%. The Child Food
Insecurity rate was 24.0%! Almost one out of four kids in CD 6 do not know
where their next meal is coming from! ( (That, by the
way, is what “food insecurity” means: Not knowing where your next meal is
coming from.)” (“The Future Can Be Ours: SNAP Numbers Provide Food for
Thought,” by W. John Williamson, July 27, 2015, “What’s News” section at

Where does Schweikert stand on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program), the updated name for food stamps?

In 2014, Schweikert co-sponsored Senator Vitter’s SNAP Verify Act which
amends the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 to require a SNAP card holder to
present photographic verification when using an electronic benefit card
for a SNAP purchase.

At first this seems to make sense, until it is pointed out that “Many poor
people do not have photo ID’s, and it costs money they do not have to get
them,” said the executive director of the Coalition on Human Needs.
Moreover, the “proposal will be especially tough on elderly and poor
people who do not have the documents needed to get their photo ID…They
will wind up going without food.” (New Orleans Times-Picayune, Jan. 15,

Furthermore, “On the surface, the case for photo ID at the point of sale
is full of logic. … Since we’re using logic then, it only makes sense to
ask how many people are defrauding the system. The answer: Not a whole
lot. To be exact: A little over 1% of food stamps issued are sold on the
black market. … But as far as the food stamp ID argument goes, the
question remains to be answered: How exactly does the Republican party
benefit from fewer Americans being able to eat? (Rick Paulas on KCET,
“Food Rant”, Feb. 12, 2014)Source: H.R.4006&S.1922 14-H4006 on Feb 6,
2014″ (

David Schweikert doesn’t understand the needs of lower-income people in
Congressional District 6. He’s in Congress to help the wealthy get tax
cuts and for businesses to have fewer regulations to follow that protect
consumers. He’s voted to repeal Obamacare–which helps lower-income
citizens and those who can’t get insurance elsewhere because they have
pre-existing conditions–he’s voted against this landmark legislation
around 50 times, at taxpayer expense.

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THE FUTURE SHALL BE OURS when we empathize with the almost one in four
children in Congressional District 6 who suffer from food insecurity. But
David Schweikert doesn’t have time for the needy in our District, as I
point out in my campaign blogpost from the last election cycle, “The
Future Can Be Ours:: Schweikert to Loan Sharks: Let Us Prey.” There I
state: “Despite Consumers for Choice “repeatedly” referencing such lenders
as Western Sky Financial … that offers loans which feature interest
rates of 355 percent, Rep. David Schweikert is found on the Consumers for
Choice website under the category of “Support for Consumers for Choice.””
(Oct. 7, 2014 in the “What’s News” section,

Thus, my friend, when I saw that homeless man on his makeshift bench that
he had put together up against my 4 foot by 4 foot campaign sign, I took
it as a compliment. Perhaps this gentleman sensed that I am on his side,
that I favor fair access to food stamps, that I support Obamacare and
other measures that seek to uplift the living circumstances of the less
fortunate in our society. Perhaps he sensed that I am not like David
Schweikert; that I do not wish to allow banks to return to the practices
that led to the financial crisis of 2008, nor am I trying, like David the
Climate Change Denier, to make the world safe for predatory lenders.

I ask for your vote on November 8th.

Thank you for your time.


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

P.S. As a follow up, I stopped by to take a picture with my cell-phone
camera of the makeshift bench next to my campaign sign this morning, but
the bench was gone. My sign remained. The first and last time I saw the
homeless man sitting on the bench was on about Wednesday.

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