October 12, 2016






Dear Friend,

In my travels along the democratic trail, I have learned–contrary to the
ARIZONA REPUBLIC Editorial Board–that David Schweikert, the incumbent
congressman in District 6, is not the prudent, proper nor preferable
choice for voters of that district. As Mr. Schweikert’s challenger, I
would like to point out that David Schweikert has participated gleefully
in two government shutdowns that have damaged our nation’s reputation and
injured blameless Americans.

In 2011, after the shutdown, our nation’s debt rating was downgraded.
Moreover, during the 2013 shutdown, about 800,000 federal employees were
furloughed for two weeks. This caused loss of income to those workers, as
well as took capital out of the economy because of decreased consumption.

Mr. Schweikert has also been insensitive to the medical needs of
lower-income constituents or those with pre-existing conditions. There are
20,000,000 such Americans, including my daughter, who, without Obamacare,
would have nothing to cover their medical needs. Mr. Schweikert has voted
some 45 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act at taxpayer expense.

Furthermore, Mr. Schweikert is a RINO–a Republican in name only. He’s
really a Tea Party person who wants to give business whatever it wants,
regardless of how it may have an adverse effect on citizens. For example,
during the 2014 campaign, I found evidence that showed that Mr. Schweikert
is supportive of the predatory loan industry. He was quoted on the website as favoring its efforts. An article in THE NATION
magazine states that this website referenced a company that featured loans
with interest rates of 355%.

More than that, Rep. Debbie McCune Davis states in an article on “Protecting consumers from predatory lending practices will
take a united effort at the state and national levels. I would be remiss
if I did not call on U.S. Rep. David Schweikert, who is featured on the
Consumers for Choice website, to disassociate from the organization. We
should expect more from Congressman Schweikert.” (“Predatory lenders
skirting Arizona’s payday loan law,” Debbie McCune Davis, Dec. 19, 2013,

While David Schweikert does not hesitate to allow reckless business
practices, he would deny a woman the right to make decisions about her own
body and health. He opposes the Pro-Choice position for which I strongly
advocate. Nor does he favor reasonable background checks on gun purchases
nor a one-week waiting period as precautions to try to prevent mass
shootings and suicides.

In keeping with his insouciance to constituent concerns, Mr. Schweikert
has refused to participate in a debate with me in what I call a “civic
engagement event.” He and I both graduated from Saguaro High School in
Scottsdale; and my idea is to have a debate with an educational tone in an
effort to encourage young people to engage in our country’s political
process. I would want the debate to take place at our alma mater itself.
He has turned a deaf ear to communications from my staff and myself.

Finally, as if that hasn’t been enough, David Schweikert has not disavowed
the unethical candidacy of Donald Trump, whom the REPUBLIC Editorial Board
has in fact rejected for its presidential endorsement. This means, I
think, that Mr. Schweikert condones Mr. Trump’s abusive behavior towards
women and his racist remarks about Latino federal judge Gonzalo P. Curiel
in Indiana.

Thus, the ARIZONA REPUBLIC Editorial Board erred seriously when, on August
8, it endorsed David Schweikert for the Republican primary AS IF, in my
judgment, they were endorsing him as their choice for the General
Election. Indeed, the headline reads: “Our View: Give outsider Schweikert
a fourth term.” (, Aug. 8, 2016). That is an endorsement for
the General Election, if I’ve ever seen one; not, as I have learned
recently, merely an endorsement for the Primary. It reads like a huge
endorsement of Schweikert for the General Election.

I have since learned that the REPUBLIC Editorial Board will not be making
an endorsement for the General Election in CD6. But in my judgment, they
already have done that with their gung-ho endorsement of Schweikert for
the Republican Primary only.

Why the ARIZONA REPUBLIC Editorial Board is infatuated with Mr. Schweikert
makes a thoughtful person ponder; yet there is nothing to love when a
congressman is indifferent to the interests of consumers, wants to deny
health care to 20,000,000 people who could not get it otherwise except for
Obamacare, denies women the right to make decisions about their own
bodies, and votes against gun measures designed to increase public safety
and save lives.

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC Editorial Board should endorse my candidacy
officially for the General Election, since I am the candidate whose values
are more attuned to the best interests of the health, safety, economic
well-being and individual decision-making freedom of the voters and their
families in Congressional District 6.



W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

Democratic Nominee

Congressional District 6

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