THE FUTURE SHALL BE OURS: I Believe In the More Considerate Tomorrow

November 5, 2016






Dear Friend,

“Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string,” wrote the
American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson in his essay SELF-RELIANCE in the
19th century.

And so I embarked upon my journey to become the next congressman in
Congressional District 6 about a year ago, my goal being to replace the
current representative, David Schweikert, whose tenure has been one in
which he has been indifferent to the health insurance needs of his
constituents, cavalier in looking the other way to protect consumers from
predatory lenders, and insensitive to the right of women to make their own
decisions about their own bodies.

In addition, Mr. Schweikert holds the view that climate change is
folklore. Give me a break.

Tuesday approaches, the day of reckoning for whether the voters of CD6
will choose a more enlightened approach to congressional governance by
electing me as their next U.S. Representative to move on from the present
glibly benighted attitudes of the double-talking Tea Partier David

Mr. Schweikert lives in the economic highlands of Fountain Hills, while I
live in the lowlands in the Valley with the People. Mr. Schweikert invokes
the slogans of the Tea Party while I subscribe to the economic principles
of rational Keynesian analysis–in other words, my allegiance is not
limited to the wealthy few, but to all of our citizens, especially to the
middle class and to those on the edge of our society struggling to hold on
to some semblance of security for their families, their jobs and their
dreams for the future.

Unlike Mr. Schweikert, I want to live in a world in which my Hispanic
brothers and sisters are treated with dignity and respect, where my Muslim
friends are not looked upon as second-class citizens, and in which my
African-American compadres are not talked down to as if they don’t have
the ability to think for themselves. How can I make these claims about Mr.
Schweikert? For the simple reason that he has never disavowed the
candidacy of Donald Trump who has espoused derogatory thoughts about these
minority groups not infrequently. Mr. Schweikert has never, to my
knowledge, expressed any qualms about Mr. Trump’s unsettling racial
prejudices–prejudices that I, as a graduate of Saguaro High School in
Scottsdale, cannot accept as my beliefs nor my vision of how American
society is supposed to be.

Moreover, yes, I believe in Obamacare, Hillary Clinton and the democratic
process. Without the Affordable Care Act, my 27-year old daughter, along
with 20,000,000 other American citizens, would not have adequate health
insurance. She, along with many other citizens, has a pre-existing medical
condition that disqualifies her from standard private insurance policies.
As a single dad for 22 years now, I, like other parents with their
children, have striven for the best for her.

Obamacare allowed her when she was 22, to get on my health insurance at
work. It cost me about $450 per month to have her on my benefits. Now she
pays $168 per month for comparable benefits. That is not a failure by any

On Obamacare, what are we–a bunch of quitters in this country? A few
glitches come up in its implementation and we want to throw in the towel?
Did NASA give up space exploration because of the mistakes–some very
tragic–they made? Hardly. If the obstructionists like David Schweikert
would get out of the way, we can tweak the relatively minor problems with
the Affordable Care Act so it can work more efficiently. No major
overhauls are needed; simple readjustments can be made and the bumps can
be ironed out.

Misrepresentatives like Mr. Schweikert have played politics with Obamacare
and ignored the sufferings of the constituents that it is designed to
serve. Not everyone is a millionaire like him whose politics are
self-interested and not other-interested in the sense of lifting up those
with less instead of exalting those who have more.

Furthermore, I advocate for public education and not, like some Republican
misleaders in our state, for the misuse and abuse of private tuition
vouchers. The money in the education fund of our state of Arizona is meant
for the students in the public schools, not for a subsidy for charter or
private schools that should be drawing on their own financial resources.
It’s wrong to take away funds from our inner city, suburban or rural
public schools so that private privilege can be supported.

The strength of our democracy depends on strong public schools, and any
detraction from strong public schools weakens the moral and technological
vibrancy of our country. Strong public education is needed to support the
intellectually achieving students who will become the invincible
cyberwarriors we need to protect our nation’s cyberspace.

Friend, THE FUTURE SHALL BE OURS if you will be gracious enough to support
me with your vote on Tuesday. I would ask that you help me bring about a
more considerate tomorrow for minority groups without which our nation
could not have achieved to the greatness that we have today. And a vote
for Williamson is a vote for the middle class as well because strong
public schools build up the middle class too so that the American Dream
can continue for everyone. And for the wealthy I offer thoughtful
decision-making and level-headed thinking, unlike Mr. Schweikert who
participated in two government shut-downs that damaged our nation’s
financial credibility in the eyes of the world.

Let us work together for the more considerate tomorrow!

Thank you for your time, and VOTE WILLIAMSON ON ELECTION DAY!


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona



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