THE FUTURE CAN BE OURS: Dale Carnegie And How To Nurture Normalcy

Jan. 3, 2017






Dear Friend,

There is no doubt that we Democrats have suffered quite a setback on the
national level, and there is much to be concerned–worried, if you will–
about; yet as a student of the Classics, I must remind myself of what the
Roman lawyer and humanistic philosopher Cicero once said: “Dum anima est,
spes est.” “As long as you’re breathing, there is hope.”

Another quote, from the book BE HAPPY by Monica Sheehan, avers: “Don’t
lose hope. (You never know what tomorrow will bring.)”

Yet faced with the possible repeal of Obamacare, by which my 27-year-old
daughter is insured, some anxiety has crept into my thinking.

Dale Carnegie, in his classic book HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING,
at the end of Chapter 6 entitled “How to Crowd Worry Out of Your Mind,”
advises in bold-faced type: “KEEP BUSY. THE WORRIED PERSON MUST LOSE

SO today I wrote a letter to Jeff Flake, one of our U.S. Senators from
Arizona, a Republican, and said: “PLEASE DO NOT VOTE TO REPEAL THE
AFFORDABLE CARE ACT!!” I went on to describe how my daughter’s Obamacare
premium had gone down from $168/month last year to $104/month this year
because her income is less. I told him that she has had quality health
care coverage with Obamacare and that things have been fine. This is the
factual truth.

President-elect Trump tweeted the following misleading message earlier today:

“Donald J. Trump


People must remember that ObamaCare just doesn’t work, and it is not
affordable – 116% increases (Arizona). Bill Clinton called it “CRAZY”
5:46 AM – 3 Jan 2017″ (“Trump and Senate Move Quickly to Repeal Affordable
Care Act,” by Charlie Savage, Maggie Haberman, and Richard Perez-Pena, NEW
YORK TIMES, Jan. 3, 2017,

“The rate increases, revealed in October, had long been predicted in
Arizona, where many insurers had announced plans to drop out of the
added by me) “But they fit the Republican narrative that the law has made
health care worse for Americans, despite the fact that it has provided
coverage to tens of millions of previously uninsured people.” (Same source
as above.)

Yet my daughter’s premium went down 38%!!

There are many untruths about Obamacare in our culture, and uninformed
voters accept and repeat them without taking the time to learn the facts.

In the U.S. Senate, the brilliant Chuck Shumer of New York, upon being
sworn in today as the Democratic minority leader, said: ““It is our job to
do what’s best for the American people, the middle class and those
struggling to get there,” he said. “If the president-elect proposes
legislation on issues like infrastructure, trade and closing the carried
interest loophole, for instance, we will work in good faith to perfect
and, potentially, enact it. When he doesn’t, we will resist.”

He added, “If President-elect Trump lets the hard-right members of
Congress and his cabinet run the show, if he adopts their timeworn
policies — which benefit the elites, the special interests and corporate
America, not the working man and woman — his presidency will not
succeed.”” (“Turmoil Overshadows First Day of Republican-Controlled
Congress,” by Jennifer Steinhauer and Robert Pear, Jan. 3, 2017, NEW YORK

THE FUTURE CAN BE OURS if you, as a concerned citizen, take the time to
write to our two U.S. Senators in Arizona, or your congressperson, to let
them know your viewpoint. Our two U.S. Senators–Jeff Flake and John
McCain–have spoken up courageously to disagree with Mr. Trump’s
prejudiced remarks and unethical behavior. We owe them our respect and
must communicate with them so that they know our views. To communicate
with them responsibly and respectfully is a form of normalcy we would do
well to pursue so that we can nurture a balanced viewpoint in the U.S.
Congress that will be in the best interest of our nation.

Thank you for your time and, once again, have a happy and prosperous new


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

Copyright 2017 by W. John Williamson

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