THE FUTURE SHOULD BE OURS: “Hidden Figures” Adds Up Nicely






Dear Friend,

Did you happen to see the movie “Hidden Figures” starring Taraji P. Henson
as Katherine G. Johnson who worked for NASA? It’s a great film based on a
true story of Katherine, a math prodigy, and her two colleagues Dorothy
Vaughan and Mary Jackson, who also are NASA employees during the period
when John Glenn made his historic three orbits around our planet.

I saw this great movie with my daughter on the last day of my winter break.

Not only did these three women overcome the obstacles posed by their
gender, but they were in addition African-American, which makes their
ultimate achievements that more gratifying. The movie shows how they
overcame racial prejudice because of their grit, brainpower, and
dedication to the goal of putting American astronauts successfully into
space and getting them back safely as well.

Katherine’s boss, Mr. Harrison, played by Kevin Costner, is struggling to
lead his team of engineers to surmount the technical problems that must be
solved before John Glenn can be launched on his historic mission.
Katherine comes through in the clutch with the needed answers and the
project moves forward towards its accomplishment.

John Glenn, who died this past December at the age of 95, once said:
“We’re more fulfilled when doing something that’s bigger than ourselves.”

I hope that President Donald Trump will carry on President Barack Obama’s
lead in supporting NASA’s programs in its efforts to explore outer space
and our solar system. These programs advance not only the interests of our
own country but are part of an interdependent effort with other nations to
advance the interests of humankind as well. By pursuing the interests of
humankind, all countries can benefit from the discoveries that are

In any case, the movie “Hidden Figures,” a wholesome story on the same
great level as the film “October Sky”–also about an American with dreams
of space exploration with NASA–that came out several years ago, is well
worth seeing, and I hope you get the chance to do so.

Thank you for your time.


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

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