THE FUTURE SHOULD BE OURS: A Victory for Kindness






Dear Friend,

I’m glad that my daughter will not lose her Obamacare as this past Friday
the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives failed to bring to a
vote their bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

And I’m happy also for the 24 million Americans who will not now lose
their health insurance which was the prediction by the Congressional
Budget Office.

Nancy Pelosi, our heroic House minority leader, called this Republican
failure a “victory for the American people.” I wholeheartedly agree. And I
would also call it a “victory for kindness,” because if 24 million people
had fallen off the insurance rolls if this bill had passed, it would have
been, I believe, one of the cruelest acts of government in American

Frank Bruni, in an Op-Ed piece in NEW YORK TIMES, puts it this way:
“Republicans floundered in their attempts to come up with a replacement
for Obamacare because the truth, which they know but refuse to say out
loud, is that many of their constituents have benefited from, and have
come to depend on, the changes wrought by Obamacare.” (NEW YORK TIMES,
March 24, 2017,

All this after I heard Rep. David Schweikert, our congressperson from
District 6 against whom I ran in last Fall’s election, proudly declare on
KJZZ, National Public Radio’s Phoenix station, on Friday morning before
the vote was expected to take place, that he was going to vote yes.

Schweikert, despite having constituents whose financial circumstances
require them to get Obamacare, was not among the compassionate ten
moderate Republicans who were going to vote no. (“Who Stopped the
Republican Health Bill?” by Andrews, Bloch, and Park, NEW YORK TIMES,
March 24, 2017,

Except for those ten compassionate MODERATE Republicans that were going to
vote no on the health care bill, the other Republicans reaped what they
have sown for the past seven years with their politics of saying no to
most, if not everything, that our great President Obama wanted to do. The
karma of their perverse nihilism has now come back to haunt the Republican
Party in the Congress. One can only hope that the moderate Republicans
will become role models for those colleagues of theirs who have not yet
learned that people are what is most important.

In the meanwhile, I am very proud of and grateful to Nancy
Pelosi, the Democratic minority leader in the House of Representatives,
for her epic efforts to turn back the tide of cruelty that the Republican
leaders tried to foist on our country.

The Future Should Be Ours if we continue to support Obamacare. I have
always supported the Affordable Care Act since I first ran for the U.S.
Congress in 2012. I have never wavered from that position and steadfastly
stand by Obamacare now as strongly as ever.

Thank you for your time.


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

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