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Why is it the right thing to renew the program called DACA (Deferred
Action for Childhood Arrivals)?

Here’s what Robert Gates, former Defense Secretary under both Presidents
George W. Bush and Barack Obama, has to say:

“The United States faces extraordinary security challenges that are
placing growing pressure on our armed forces. Those forces are stronger
when they embody the nation’s diversity, drawing from a large pool of
willing young people able to adapt to changing threats. That is why we
need legislation that will provide a pathway to citizenship for those
immigrants who, among other attributes, are serving or have served in the
military, whether they are in America legally or were brought here
illegally as children. That kind of policy will help the military recruit
new service members and improve readiness.

“In light of the service and sacrifice of those immigrants — legal or not
— it is also the right thing to do.” (“Robert Gates: Ending DACA Will Hurt
Immigrant Troops,” NEW YORK TIMES, 11/8/17,

Some 800,000 people are currently participating in the DACA program. These
are by and large young people who were brought to the United States when
they were kids and in the care of their parents. Coming to the USA was
beyond their control, and they should not be punished, I believe, because
this happened to them. They have grown up in our country and this is the
only culture they know. To take them out of it by deporting them to their
country of origin would be a cruel consequence for something they had no
control over.

In the same article, Secretary Gates also states: “Being an American is
more than just passing an exam about United States history and the
Constitution. It is more than one’s knowledge and beliefs. Being an
American is also about a willingness to put oneself in harm’s way to
defend the country. It is about honor and duty.” Further: “More than 800
so-called Dreamers who received temporary authorization to stay and work
in the United States under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
program, recently revoked by President Trump, are now serving in the armed
forces. They are able to serve because of a program I authorized in 2008
aimed at recruiting immigrants with medical, foreign language or other
specialized skills. The program was extended when we found that these
recruits had lower attrition rates than other recruits and, in particular,
contributed invaluable language skills to Special Operations units. More
than 350 additional DACA recipients have signed contracts with the Army
and are awaiting basic training. If Congress fails to act, these recruits’
permits will expire. They will not be eligible to serve and will instead
be at risk of deportation.” (ibid.)

THE FUTURE SHOULD BE OURS if we continue the DACA program and recognize
its value to our nation as well as to the earnest human beings who are
currently enrolled in it. DACA recipients are at this very moment serving
on behalf of our country in the armed forces in jobs that contribute to
America’s success and security. If elected as your next congressman, I
will continue to support the DACA program and everything it stands for:
fairness to those who came here as children and now pursue constructive
lives and careers in our great country.

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Thanks, and remember: THE FUTURE SHOULD BE OURS!


W. John Williamson

Scottsdale, Arizona

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